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China 2 Rifts World Book 25 USED/ s73


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Rifts: China 2

Heroes of the Celestial Court

This book has it all! Martial arts, wondrous mystic martial art powers, Chi channeling, Chi powers, Chi weapons, magic items, and special abilities and powers that will blow your mind! Plus, great warriors, demon hunters and their tricks of the trade, blind mystics, fortune tellers, Spirit Hosts (half-man and half-animal spirit), Enlightened Demons (as player characters), and heroes, powers, and special abilities galore.

For you high-tech junkies there are wonders from Geofront with things like Demon Skin body armor, the Gun Dragon, Black Tiger power armor, high-powered weapons, select vehicles, the Demon Eater and Assault Geo-Borgs, and the incomparable Gun Master.

Rifts: China 1 set the stage, presented the nefarious Yama Kings and their demonic henchmen. Rifts: China 2 presents the heroes out to stop them.
  • 12 Mystic Martial Art Powers - fighting arts in and of themselves, plus sub-powers.
  • Rifts China's Greatest Heroes - Celestial Warriors, Fighting Monks, Soothsayers, the Great Demon Catching Hero, Goblin Wrangler, Blind Mystic, Spirit Host, Gun Master, Enlightened Demon, and more. Many with special powers and abilities in addition to Martial Arts.
  • Channeling and using Chi, Chi Weapons, Chi Sight, and many other powers.
  • Demon Queller weapons and magical demon-binding items.
  • Geofront: China's secret high-tech nation and their plans to battle the Yama Kings.
  • Geofront weapons, power armor, gear, and Military O.C.C.s; includes the Gun Master.
  • Written by Erick Wujcik. Additional text and ideas by Siembieda, Gleba, and Yoho.
  • 160 pages of one incredible idea, power, or character after another.

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