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Nippon Tech TORG USED/ S19


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Nippon Tech

In the mysterious realm of Nippon, a new kind of High Lord holds sway- one who relies on secrecy and stealth rather than open warfare to achieve his ends.  With much of the world still unaware of his very existence, the Possibility Raider known as 3327 now controls much of Asia, and part of the United States.  His weapons are many: wealth, influence, and a private army of the deadliest warriors the Orient has eve seen.  In the guise of Japanese industrialist "Ryuchi Kanawa" the High Lord's power grows with each day.
Nippon Tech is a realm that mixes futuristic technology and samurai martial arts, where ninja challenge samurai and mega-corporate executives plot the financial ruin of their rivals.  It is a land where deceit is prized, death is sudden, and betrayal lurks around every mist-shrouded corner...

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