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Player Character Reference Sheets Castles and Crusades NEW/ s10

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"The Castles & Crusades Character Reference Sheets were created  with the player in mind. With these reference sheets in hand, a  player should be able to easily track and reference all a  character's necessary statistics equipment and notes making play  easier, more enjoyable and exciting."

The Character Reference Sheets Contain six different types  double-sided character sheets. Each type derived from an  attributes and their associated classes; The Fighter/Ranger  (Strength), Wizard/Illusionist (Intelligence), Cleric/Druid  (Wisdom), Rogue/Assassin (Dexterity), Barbarian/Monk  (Constitution) and Knight/Paladin/Bard (Charisma).

"Also included is the latest Equipment List for Castles &  Crusades."

Designed to facilitate attribute check rules system, these sheets  include room to record all the character's vital stats from Hit  Points, Armor Class, to weapons used and spells known. On the  front of each sheet is hand list of your classes' abilities and  room to record your racial abilities. Plenty of room is given for  what's important to your character and to the game. Record your  equipment, keep up with how much ammunition you've used, how much  food and water you have left. There is room enough left over to  describe your character and give a brief background.


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